Private Equity Funds

Middle-market private equity firm that invests in growth-oriented companies primarily in the food, restaurant, healthcare and energy industries.
Private equity firm focused in providing capital to midstream energy infrastructure opportunities throughout North America.
Global alternative asset manager with $169 billion of assets under management across 125 funds and 177 fund of funds vehicles.
Leading provider of equity capital to the independent sector of the U.S. oil & gas industry.
Middle-market private equity firm that invests in growth-oriented companies primarily in leading consumer brands across all segments of the consumer industry.
Middle-market private equity firm focused on acquiring strategically viable middle-market companies with the potential for transformational upside through operational improvement.
Middle-market private equity firm with an exclusive focus on the food and consumer sector.
Middle-market private equity firm specializing in investments primarily in growth oriented healthcare, communications, industrial and energy companies.
Private Equity firm focused on lower middle market leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and build-up investments in the high-value manufacturing and industrial services sectors.
Private equity firm focused on generating long-term capital gains through investments in the lower/middle market upstream energy industry in North America.
Private equity firm focusing on lower middle-market companies in the business services, consumer, and healthcare sectors.
Leading private equity firm in Canada focused on lower-middle market investments in the manufacturing, distribution and specialty service business sectors.
Private Equity Firm Specializing in the Healthcare Industry.
Lower-middle market Fund focused on control-oriented investments in the Business Services and Specialty Industrial sectors.